Kitchen Hardware Pulls

Kitchen cabinet hardware pulls are a small but very important part of your kitchen. Whether you are looking to redecorate or replace old and worn out kitchen hardware, kitchen pulls are definitely one thing you should consider when buying. First things first, when buying kitchen hardware pulls, it is important to decide what name brand you like and the style you can choose from. Some of the name brands include Amerock and Baldwin. And some of the styles offered are pulls/handles, cup pulls, and drop pulls

The regular pulls are the most basic of kitchen hardware pulls. It projects out from the cabinet or draw and has a straight handle. They are easily installed with two screws. Although if you decide to redecorate your kitchen hardware pulls you need to make sure that your screw pattern will line up with what you want. The centerpiece of pulls comes in a variety of different sizes and it is easy to get mixed up. Another style of kitchen hardware pulls are cup pulls. Cup pulls are basically a semi circle attached by two screws to a cabinet or draw. The last style of kitchen hardware pulls are drop pulls. These are also installed with two screws but the handle position can pivot and drop down to the surface of the draw or cabinet. This is a good style for those tight spaces were projection of handles may cause problems.

Not only does style and brand have an influence on the kitchen hardware pulls that you might buy but so does price and this depends on where you get them from. If you decide to use kitchen hardware pulls in your kitchen do some research first. Pick out the style and name brand that fits your kitchen the best and before ordering off the internet look at local hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. This way you are able to compare prices and decide what the best route is for you to take. Most of kitchen hardware pulls are not too expensive but some can be, it just depends on the brand and style.